(In Association with Isabella's Memorial Foundation)
(In Association with Isabella's Memorial Foundation)
Isabella's Hope Foundation (In Association with Isabella's Memorial Foundation, Ghana)
Isabella's Hope Foundation(In Association with Isabella's Memorial Foundation, Ghana)

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 A trip to Korle-bu NICU, and so many sad cases, one such case is this 19 years girl in JSS who got herself pregnant by her school boyfriend, she ended up at hospital with her NHS card lost, she has post natal depression and she fell from a third floor ward in the hospital, she survived with all her front teeth gone and bruising all over, and stitches to her chin, her mother was asked to come and stay with her at the hospital and watch her daughter (suicide watch).? This meant the grandmother can not sell her kenkey, the only means of supporting the new mother and baby, and she still has to pay her daughter's bill of  1,900ghs before the sick mother will be discharged. She also has to find money to pay for the baby's bill which will be worked out on the day of discharge, when the Wahala will start again ??as the baby can not go home until her bill is paid. During this time, the grandmother has to accompany her daughter to come and feed the baby or find someone who will accompany the mother to the hospital each day until the baby's bill is paid. ???This case had been referred to social welfare and they offered that if the girl can find half her bill 950ghs, she can go home and the rest can be paid per agreement. ?? If she defaults, the police will put her in jail.?? The grandmother, who can not work now because she has to suicide  watch her daughter managed to find 400gh but the hospital would not let the sick mother go home. ???. We paid 550ghs so the mother can go home, 60ghs just to make a folder for the baby's notes and 170ghs towards the baby's unknown bill. ?. I am trying to extend the support for the grandmother and as usual, I am extending my begging bowl, pls donate, if you have nappies, sheets, clothes or anything else, give me a call, l will come and pick up, for those in the UK n Ghana. USA and all you can donate to our website luvnicu.org.uk. Tnx in anticipation and for reading this.

new addition to our twins collection(2 months old baby girls)

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December 2016, at Korle-Bu hospital, NICU to pay hospital bills for premature babies to go home

May 2016


Our May 2015 triplets 2015  -  we lost the boy in April but we are thankful to God, the 2 girls are now a year old. They need help to walk and we will appreciate any support, medically or financially as we try to get them the medical help they need to start walking


we have a set of twins to support 2 girls


May 2015


we have a new set of triplets  so keep your support coming, plenty of baby milk and nappies please. 2 girls and a boy





One of the young people we were supporting through education has finished University


The woman with the four boys has been reunited with her own family who have now taken charge of their care and welfare.


We currently have a deaf and dumb woman with four boys, the youngest are twin boys about 8 months old. This woman has been sleeping rough with the children, mainly outside the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra Ghana. 
We have re-housed them and providing their daily essentials and we are proud to say that the two older boys have been registered and have started school.



27th Dec 2013 RIP


The little baby boy sadly passed away on Tuesday 24th Dec 2013, He was 67days old, may his little soul rest in perfect peace. Amen



16th December 2013




Help us raise enough money to pay for an operation for a new born baby with Cleft Pallet. please donate/sponsor generously. 


  • Paypal : sweetsnicu@hotmail.com 
  • HSBC Acc:   32054639  Sort Code 40-02- 16  (Isabella‘s Hope Foundations)
  • Barclays Ghana Acc: 135/1019409 
  • Give as You Earn through Charities Aid Foundation




Hey Beatiful People!!


So Christmas is fast approaching! I can't believe we are already in October!


Here at Isabella's Hope Foundation we are always looking to find creative ways of maximising and encoraging donations.


And here is a way you can help us!


If you have never signed up for online shopping or you have an email address you have never used for online shopping before please contact us using the online contact form to the left to find out how you can help us do more.


Stay blessed!!


And remember to LuvNICU...x

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The recent recruitment campaign has boosted our numbers, but we are always looking to welcome more volunteers. Come and visit us during one of our open days and find out how you can make a difference or contact us.


We now have a volunteer in Accra who is doing a very good job.


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Help us raise enough money to pay for an operation for a new born with cleft pallet. please donate/sponsor generously. HSBC Acc: 32054639 Sort Code 40-02- 16

We currently have a young boy who has lost his parents, and we need sponsorship so we can put him through education as well as his basic needs

More volunteers
Our membership has been boosted by the recent recruitment campaign in london. Thank you for your support!

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