(In Association with Isabella's Memorial Foundation)
(In Association with Isabella's Memorial Foundation)
Isabella's Hope Foundation (In Association with Isabella's Memorial Foundation, Ghana)
Isabella's Hope Foundation(In Association with Isabella's Memorial Foundation, Ghana)

What we do

We offer assistance where it's most needed. 


Our non-profit organisation in London is dedicated to charity work, financially assisting 
mothers with premature babies to take their babies home from hospital, in Ghana. WE pay their hospital bills, without which the babies are detained in the hospital.
We also assist mothers with other needs such as medical conditions, or extreme poverty, by assisting them with bill payment and or learning a trade, thereby empowering the mothers to care for themselves as well as their child/ren.
We place children with foster carers while their mothers are going through medical treatment and undertake to pay school fees for some children  with underprivileged parents.
We welcome donations of clothes, shoes and accessories, old and new, all ages, baby nappies ages 0-3 years, baby clothes and most importantly, cash donations. Call us on 07891891058 and we will collect.
We also need regular donors and sponsors.
Have your ever considered how much difference you can make by working for a voluntary organisation?
The following pages present detailed information about our work and those we help. If you'd like to contribute to our organisation, you can send your donations to:
Paypal : sweetsnicu@hotmail.com
HSBC Acc:   32054639  Sort Code 40-02- 16  (Isabella‘s Memorial Foundations)
Barclays Ghana Acc: 135/ 1019409
Give as You Earn through Charities Aid Foundation

Picture gallery

Meet the volunteers and just a few of the people we've helped thanks to your support.


Get involved!

Find out how by contacting us at:


Isabella's Hope Foundation

Tel: 7891 891058
E-mail: sweetsnicu@hotmail.com


Or use our online contact form.

NEWS AND All messages

Help us raise enough money to pay for an operation for a new born with cleft pallet. please donate/sponsor generously. HSBC Acc: 32054639 Sort Code 40-02- 16

We currently have a young boy who has lost his parents, and we need sponsorship so we can put him through education as well as his basic needs

More volunteers
Our membership has been boosted by the recent recruitment campaign in london. Thank you for your support!

New online access!
Thanks for visiting our new website. Browse it to find out more about us and our projects.

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