(In Association with Isabella's Memorial Foundation)
(In Association with Isabella's Memorial Foundation)
Isabella's Hope Foundation (In Association with Isabella's Memorial Foundation, Ghana)
Isabella's Hope Foundation(In Association with Isabella's Memorial Foundation, Ghana)

About us

I was personally supporting families financially for about 10 years and in 2011, I set up this not-for-profit company. This is because there are a lot of underprivileged mothers who struggle to feed their children. The situation is even worse when it comes to medical bills. There is NHIS which gives access to hospital care, however, all medications including medical tests have to be paid for by the patients, in short, one can be diagnosed and the right medication prescribed but if one does not have the money then there can be no treatment.

Fortunately, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will actually treat premature and very sick newborn babies, but, if the mothers can not pay the babies are detained in the hospital. Because the mothers have nowhere to sleep and/or have no money for transport to go home and return every day, they end up abandoning their babies. The babies end up in orphanages where they wait to be adopted. Some mothers have to sell the little they have and borrow so they can take their babies home, but the babies end up dead because they can not afford to care for them. There is one public toilet and one shower cubicle that the mothers can use during their stay and they have to queue with the public for their turn to wash themselves. The mothers are only allowed in three times during the day to visit and feed their babies and have no access at night at all. 

This is why Isabella's Hope (Memorial) Foundation has been set up. There are more people who need help and support than my personal finance can support, there is a mother who had renal failure and had a newborn she did not know she was carrying. The Foundation is caring for both mother and child and this will be long term. I have personally adopted a set of triplets who lost their mother two days after birth and the second triplet died after two months. The other two children are doing very well by the Grace of God. There are two other young girls being supported through education, another young woman who lost her baby is being assisted to find a trade.

Please remember nobody plans to put themselves into such situations, this is nature at its best, so please support Isabella's Hope (Memorial) Foundation to make a difference in these young lives. Mozart was the 8th child after 7 children all with disabilities (history tells us).

So don't turn your back on these children, visit our Facebook page, like it, leave a message, share it and most importantly, donate to Paypal acc: donate@luvnicu.org.uk




Isabella's Hope (Memorial) Foundation was developed out of a desire to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Since its inception, we have worked hard to provide support where it's most needed.


Our team relies exclusively on volunteer help. And remember, a little often goes a long way. 


We're always happy to welcome new volunteers who would like to dedicate some of their time to charity. If you'd like to lend a hand, please don't hesitate to contact us, new members are always welcome.


If you'd like to contribute to our organisation, you can send your donations to:
  • Paypal : donate@luvnicu.org.uk 
  • HSBC Acc:   32054639  Sort Code 40-02- 16  (Isabella‘s Hope Foundations)
  • Give as You Earn through Charities Aid Foundation

Meet the volunteer coordinators

Charles Asare (Ghana)


Clara Manly-Spain

(Fondly known as Auntie Sweetie)

E-mail: fynba42@hotmail.co.uk

Tel 07891 891058

Sam Boafo

Volunteer and

trustee (London)




Get involved!

Find out how by contacting us at:


Isabella's Hope Foundation

Tel: 7891 891058
E-mail: sweetsnicu@hotmail.com


Or use our online contact form.

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Help us raise enough money to pay for an operation for a new born with cleft pallet. please donate/sponsor generously. HSBC Acc: 32054639 Sort Code 40-02- 16

We currently have a young boy who has lost his parents, and we need sponsorship so we can put him through education as well as his basic needs

More volunteers
Our membership has been boosted by the recent recruitment campaign in london. Thank you for your support!

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